Senior Sales Director [ Hoàng Mai - HN ]

Ngày đăng: 29/11/2022
Code Job Job code: JHC0029884

Tóm tắt công việc

Địa điểm
  • Hà Nội
  • Hồ Chí Minh
Cấp độ
Trưởng phòng
Ngành nghề
Marketing, Kinh doanh, Bán hàng & Dịch vụ - Bán hàng & Phát triển/Quản lý kinh doanh

Mô tả công việc

- Develop an organizational chart of Sales division, manpower staffing, setting norms for operating expenses to match the annual budget and business plan. Organization chart of sales division, annual planning and costing.
- Develop a sales plan to achieve order target/GM targets, propose a reasonable operating budget with the annual business plan. Report on sales division cost forecast and annual sales plan.
- Build and develop new sales channels to ensure sales and profit targets of the Company Number of new sales channels established.
- Organizing and implementing product marketing and PR programs to promote brand recognition and promotion. Number of events held during the year
- Work closely with related departments to manage the progress and costs of project implementation, control prices, sales conditions, and appropriate sales policies to achieve the Company's profit goals.    Number of projects completed on schedule, achieving GM targets / Total implemented projects.
- Manage customer services, manage the collection of receivables. Amount received / total amount of receivables.
- Coordinate the implementation of the recruitment, responsible for training and instructing employees, assigning work and evaluating employees in the sales division. Annual assessment results table.
- Analyze and provide market forecasts to build annual business plans and strategies, provide information to R&D division for product improvement, research and development of new products. Annual report analyzing and synthesizing market and competitor information.


A -  Responsibilities:
- Ensure the achievement of annual order and GM targets.
- Well control the expenses of Sales division in accordance with the company's regulations.
- Implement well the management and collection of receivables
- Provide reports to directors and related departments upon request
- Complete the job well according to the assigned responsibility and authority.
B - Rights:
- To be consulted and proposed to develop business strategies, propose ideas to improve work, advise the General Director on issues related to assigned tasks.
- To decide on personnel issues in the business department.

Yêu cầu công việc

- English level C or equivalent
- Having at least 3 years of experience in switchboard products.
- At least 05 years of experience in the position of Sales Director / Sales Manager or similar positions.
- Having experience working in Japanese or foreign companies/groups.
- Skilled in team management and development
- Knowledge of revenue and profit management
- Knowledge of economic contracts & Legality
- Financial management skills such as: profit and loss statement analysis, operating budget development, capital planning & forecasting.
- Good communication skill.
- Good persuasion and negotiation skills.
- Graduated from university or higher majoring in Economics, Finance, Law.
- Knowledge of electrical products.

* Benefit:
- Bonuses available.
- Salary increase.
- Cafeteria available.

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