Business Development Manager [ Q.1 - HCM ]

Ngày đăng: 06/12/2022
Code Job Job code: JHC0029917

Tóm tắt công việc

Địa điểm
  • Hồ Chí Minh
Cấp độ
Nhân viên
Ngành nghề
Marketing, Kinh doanh, Bán hàng & Dịch vụ - Bán hàng & Phát triển/Quản lý kinh doanh

Mô tả công việc

<Project development of onshore/offshore wind projects> 
- Sourcing of partners (Building business network, and finding local/international partners)  
- Preliminary renewable project evaluation with technical/financial/market perspective. 
- Negotiation with potential partners about commercial and legal condition. 
- Preparation of needed documents and permission like Feasibility Study for authority’s approval with potential partners and domestic third-party consultants. 
- Optimization of wind turbine layout based on wind measurement analysis and AEP. 
- Evaluation of economic feasibility of projects 
- Support for financial arrangement. 
- Negotiation with EPC contractor and turbine manufacturer for concluding TSA and related agreements.  
- Negotiation of related agreements like PPA.
<Construction and operation management of onshore/offshore wind projects> 
- Management of project construction site. 
- Business plan development, budget planning and plan vs. actual management. 
- Risk analysis and troubleshooting for smooth business operation. 
- Negotiation with O&M contractors and manufacturers for O&M of plants. 
- Communication/negotiations with stakeholders like relevant authorities (National Load Dispatch Center, EVN, local/central governments, etc.), local neighborhood and etc. for stable business operation. 
- Development and promotion of several measures to enhance value of business. 
- Support for general meeting of shareholders and meeting of board of directors. 
- Financial results management. 
- Internal control maintenance.

Yêu cầu công việc

1. Hard skill 
- English (Fluent business English speaker for presentation/discussion/negotiation).
- Engineering knowledge. 
- Project management. 
- Knowledge of civil engineering.
- Knowledge of numerical simulation for wind resource assessment and AEP. 
- Legal knowledge for concluding related agreements.
- Finance knowledge.
- Japanese.
2. Soft skill 
- Logical thinking, Communication skill.
3. Experience 
- Working actual project development in wind power. 
- Developing Pre-FS, FS, EIA(ESIA) optimization of wind turbine layout, and etc. in actual wind power projects. 
- Constructing wind farm.
- Negotiation of project documents such as EPC contract, TSA and etc. 
- Negotiation experiences with central and local governments for infrastructure investments.
- Proficiency of Vietnam transmission grids, and laws/rules/regulations of Vietnam electricity market operation. 
- Negotiation of project documents.
- Experience in wind farm operation .
4. Human characteristic 
- Aggressiveness to take an action by himself/herself. 
- Proactive communication skill to build new business network. 
- Affability to communicate with anyone. 
- Attitude not to hesitate to work that is slightly out of strict duties. 
- Sensitive to confidentiality and compliance.

* Benefit: 

- Working time: 8:00-16:45.
- NET salary, the company shall bear all costs of relating insurance (social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance during the employment period) and payment of PIT.
- Annual leave: 12 days and  plus 10 days of Company leaves / year.
- PVI Insurance.
- Health check.
- Company trip.
- Pay rise: once per year.
- Bonus will be paid before Tet holiday.

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