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Must check! 5 Common features seen in Vietnamese Employees who get promoted in foreign companies


Hi, everyone! This is Migiwa Iconic’s Director!


On the course of my daily work, I used to have many opportunities to talk frankly with those who are in management positions in foreign companies as HR issues are used to be the concerns of top managements.

Through exchanging the ideas on how to evaluate HR and who to be promoted etc, I observe some common features in promotion criteria on which foreign top managements used to take most considerations.  Let me list down 5 most important points for you to get promoted in foreign companies hereunder!


1. Able to communicate logically

Logical thinking ability is one of the top requirement to be promoted and get manager and above positions. Sometimes there are the people  who

2. Able to communicate fluently in foreign language

3. Able to prioritize Job to Family in an important/critical situation

4. Able to simpasize foreign managements’ way of thinking instead of playing the role of opinion leader of Vietnamese employees

5. Able to keep strictness over the quality and the deadline of the assigned job

Tài Phan có kinh nghiệm 6 năm trong ngành Digital Marketing, luôn muốn chia sẽ những kiến thức hữu ích đến với mọi người. Quan niệm sống của tôi là “Lạc quan luôn là yếu tố dẫn đến thành công, không điều gì có thể thực hiện được mà không có hy vọng và sự tự tin”.
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