Sales Leader or Sales Manager [ Q.3 - HCM ]

Ngày đăng: 13/11/2023
Code Job Job code: JHC0032143

Tóm tắt công việc

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  • Hồ Chí Minh
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Marketing, Kinh doanh, Bán hàng & Dịch vụ - Bán hàng & Phát triển/Quản lý kinh doanh

Mô tả công việc

As “Manager”
- Management of sales organization and staff (6 Staff, Japanese and Vietnamese).
- Planning and execution of sales strategies and tactics.
- Visualization and analysis of sales figures.
- Information sharing and collaboration with each department and executives.
- To strengthen the sales team by educating and training sales members.

As “General”
- Set your KPI & Action Plan following the company's general sales strategy and tactics.
- Rethink plans and conduct internal reviews & agreements (as needed).
- Reporting your activities to the supervisor and team manager.
- Do the sales action for new or existing clients.

As “Sales Admin of Project”
- Keep track of the project status in charge of.
- Clarify the project’s requirements with understanding the client's business plan and background.
- Decide whether to proceed with the inquiry from the client.
- Coordinate the resources needed for the project.
- Make an estimation and a profit/loss simulation with gathering any cost information.
- Visualize profit/loss of projects including free assignment and other support members.
- Proceed with an agreement for the main contract and NDA with the client.
- Issue an invoice to the client and confirm the payments.
- Support the Account Manager to proceed the project smoothly.

As “Account Manager of Project”
- Have responsibility for the sales number, terms and conditions, and profit/loss of the project.
- Manage monthly sales numbers for the assigned project.
- Analyze profit/loss of the project, and have an action plan to keep, and improve the project.
- Take the initiative in making a proposal document according to the proposal level with members of
the development department.
- Propose to the client and negotiate about the project’s conditions.
- Have responsibility for sales communication to make a good relationship with the client.
- Coordinate changes to the contract conditions with the client.
- Always have an action plan for the project in charge of.

Yêu cầu công việc

* Must
- More than 5 years of experience in BtoB (corporate sales).
- Especially if you have experience with intangible products (services for corporations).
- It is preferable to have sales experience such as IT services.
- Experience managing several subordinates to achieve sales as a team.
- Strong responsibility as achieve the goal that you set for yourself.

* Nice to have
- Bright and communicative.
- Those who are willing to actively study and grow.
- Those who are willing to take on new challenges.
- Age from about 25 to 35, regardless of gender.
- Understanding customer issues rather than packaged products.
- Since it will be a business that makes proposals (several millions to tens of millions of yen), language skills (understanding), imagination and ideas are essential.

* Language skill
- Japanese proficiency as a native language as you will mainly be dealing with Japanese customers in Japanese.
- Junior English skills to communicate in the company.

* Benefit:
- Salary depending on experience.
- Medical insurance that can be used at Japanese clinics in Vietnam.
- If traveling from Japan, air ticket and hotel (up to 2 weeks) will be provided.
- Acquisition costs and procedures such as visas and work permits are carried out by the company.
- Since there are 21 Japanese people, it is possible to consult/give advice when you have trouble with your life.

* Working enviroment
- PC: Mac book Pro / Air for all employees ☆
- Process: Agile ☆ / Waterfall / Hybrid
- Method: DevOps ☆
- Group Ware (Email/Storage/Docs): Google Workspace ☆
- Communication Tools: Chatwork ☆ / Slack / Etc..
- Online MTG Tools: Zoom ☆ / Google Meet ☆ / Etc..
- PJ Task Management: Redmine ☆ / Jira / Backlog / Etc..
- Employee Evaluation Policy: We evaluate your growth, & We will adjust your salary to market value or more
- Testing Device (Smart Phone): A lot of the latest
- Checkin/out Time Management: Own System (Apps)
- Certification Allowance: Many kinds, salary base up 
- Salary Review: Every 6 months
- 13th Salary: Yes!
- Party & Event: A lot
- Company Trip: Yeah!
- Career path: We define two main paths. Organizational management or expert(Specific Tech, PJ Management, UX design, Sales, Marketing, etc.). Even becoming Director, CTO, and also CEO of us is possible.


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