Quality Control Supervisor [ KCN Phú Mỹ 3 - BRVT ]

Ngày đăng: 05/07/2024
Code Job Job code: JHC0033727

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Mô tả công việc

We are seeking a Quality Control Supervisor to join our team. The candidate will will responsible for overseeing and ensuring the accuracy and compliance of quality control analyses within the production environment. The Quality Control Supervisor will also handle product specifications, statistical data analysis, and coordinate resampling of goods when necessary. 


- Be responsible for supervising quality control analyzes, assuring the goods comply with their respective specification.
- Assure that the analyses are conducted by properly following their respective methodologies, work instructions and standards.
- Be responsible for more complex sensory analysis in production samples.
- Issuing a sensory opinion on samples of product related to client’s complaints.
- Be responsible for monitor and manage the reference standards samples for sensory analysis (selection, storage, replacement).
- Be responsible for set up and issue product specification aligned to the factory’s capability.
- Be responsible for issue and update the Product Management
- Gether and analyze data statistically aiming to improve the factory’s performance.
- Coordinate the resampling of goods when needed.
- Report promptly to QC Coordinator / Manager when any quality deviation is identified on the goods tested, recommending corrective actions when requested.
- Ensure that laboratory equipment is kept clean and properly working, identifying and troubleshooting problems.
- Ensure that laboratory cleanliness and safety standards are maintained.
- Assure the analysts are well trained to perform laboratory procedures and assays.
- Participate in internal assessments and audits as required.
- Other jobs, when demanded.
- Maintains safe and healthy work environment by following standards and procedures, complying with company and legal regulations.
- Follow strictly company’s rules, policy, ethics, and compliance manual.

Yêu cầu công việc

- Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, food technology or another sciences field.
- Previous experience as quality control analyst in food industry.
- Previous experience with sensory analysis.
- Visual acuity (color blindness test).
- Olfactory and gustatory acuity (test performed at QC).
- Ability with Windows tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).
- Intermediate English level.
- Sensory analysis (food) – mandatory.
- Leadership and diplomacy in dealing with people (respect and consideration).
- Emotional control
- Strong communication (ability to convey a message and be understood by the pairs)
- Teamwork.
- Negotiation.
- Rigor with the quality of work.
- Problem solving.
- Manual dexterity, diligent, meticulous.
- Focused attention.
- Independent thinking.
- Activity planning and sense of organization.
- Flexibility, initiative and proactivity.
- Sense of safety and hygiene (personal hygiene and self-care aspects).
- Attitudes consistent with the company’s values.


* Preferred Skills:

- Previous experience as quality control leader.
- Previous experience with green coffee beans classification.    
- Previous experience with packaging material analysis.    
- Familiarity with industry standards and regulations.
- Familiarity with ISO 17025, GLP (Good Laboratory Practices).
- Basic statistics to data analysis.

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