Production Technical Manager [ KCN Hòa Mạc - Hà Nam ]

Ngày đăng: 21/09/2022
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Mô tả công việc

1. Production Technical Management
- Work together with subordinate engineers to manage and perform overall management of manufacturing technical fields.
- Responsible for product changeover, setup and adjustment works as: Perform set up, and adjustment work for major equipment such as outer diameter, both ends, and MC machines.
- Based on the production plan, create a product changeover schedule to ensure smooth production.
When there is an abnormality in equipment, determine what is wrong and make adjustment. If difficult to deal with, report to maintenance sections and repair request.
- To make an improvement plan of processing conditions and processing based on goal setting. Determine the schedule and improve the process when receiving requests for improvement from line-workers or Line supervisor.
- Responsible for quality confirmation, judgement of mass production, preparation, and schedule management until start of sourcing mass production in cooperation with quality control section when transferring in-house production to outsourcing.
- Design of jigs and tools such as: Design simple jigs and tool when making improvement and request procurement team for material arrangement.
- Responsible for determining whether the design of jigs and tools is correct and checking the quality of incoming jigs and tool. Reporting to Procurement team for the quality of suppliers.
- Report on-site conditions to upper management, such as progress of work and when problem occur on-site. Responsible for accurately explain the operation manual/regulations which is strictly required workers to follow up.

2. Training and performance appraisal
- Implementation of training tasks such as: technical skill, working attitude and mindset with the purpose of improvement of higher working attitude to prevent wrong technical knowledge.
- Execute the periodical performance evaluation to his belonging technical team and share/explain the strategy or demand to human resource manager.
- Create the manpower plan and manpower allocation to manufacturing technical sections and submission for the final approval.
- Other tasks as Management’s requirement.

Yêu cầu công việc

- Nationality: Vietnamese
- Education: University Degree at least. Major in Mechanic field
- Language: MUST communicate in JAPANESE (speaking and writing skill). Preferable to simple communicate in English.
- Advanced knowledge of manufacturing technical management skill for programing, setting up and processing machines such as Grinding, Cutting and MC machines, 3D/2D drawings of jigs and tooling.
- At least 10 years relevant working experiences and good business management ability.
- Having experience in training capacities and manpower management.
- Strong sense of responsibility, good management skill, ability to interact with all levels.
- Strong analytical skills and ability to strive for continuous improvement.
- Good problem - solving skills and able to meet tight deadlines.


* Benefit:
- Working time: 07:30-16:30 from Monday to Friday 07:30-16:30 Saturday (entitled for alternate off for Saturday and every Sunday).
- Time for making the payment of Social, Health and Unemployment Insurance: After 2-month probation.
- Daily bus arrangement: Ha Noi – Hoa Mac and vice versa.
- Accommodation in Ha Noi or Ha Nam.

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