Platform Engineer [ HCM or HN ]

Ngày đăng: 10/10/2022
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Code Job Job code: JHC0029551

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  • Hồ Chí Minh
  • Hà Nội
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Công nghệ thông tin - IT - Phần mềm

Mô tả công việc

- Development, maintenance, and operation of CADDi's cloud infrastructure for systems used by the operations team, clients, and suppliers.
- Development and operation of automation DevOps tools used to maintain a minimum level of quality throughout the organization.
- Developing operations for monitoring and alerting to be used by the application teams.
- Standardization of the technical stack and system architecture where appropriate.
- SLI/SLO formulation and operation.
- Selection and/or development of middleware for use across the organization.

<Development Environment>
- Development language: TyepScript, JavaScript, Go, Shell Script, HCL.
- Infrastructure: GCP, GKE.
- IaC/Deployment: ArgoCD, Kustomize, Terraform.
- Database: PostgreSQL, Firestore, OpenSearch.
- Authentication: Auth0.
- Development tools: GitHub, CircleCI, Sentry, DataDog.
- Communication tools: Slack, Discord, JIRA, Miro.

Yêu cầu công việc

- General working knowledge of Linux, networking, virtual machines, and container technologies.
- 3+ years of experience working with cloud technologies (AWS, GCP, Azure, or other private cloud equivalents).
- 3+ years of hands-on experience developing backend applications (experience with statically typed languages is preferable).
- 3+ years of team-based development experience using version control systems (git, svn, hg, p4, etc).
- Experience working with SaaS tools to supplement in-house development (monitoring services, managed databases, etc).
- Proficiency in English.
- Strong empathy and understanding for CADDi's MVC.
- Strong passion for solving social problem or feel the happiness of supporting people.
- Creative problem solving with analytical mind.
- Fit for action driven and agile work environment.
- Strong aspiration for self-improvement and mindset to inspire and support the personal development of other team members.
- Experience with building out application infrastructure on GCP.
- Experience with technical infrastructure and service stabilization for medium sized 50+ person engineering teams.
- Experience with service mesh, service discovery, and multi-region distributed computing infrastructure.
- Experience working with Datadog to monitor and track organizational goals and health indicators.
- Experience working with Elasticsearch/OpenSearch.
- Strong background in web application security and/or experience as a security engineer.


* Benefit:
- 13th month salary.
- Salary review: twice a year.
- 100% monthly basic salary and mandatory social insurances even in 2-month probation.
- Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance.
- Annual health check-up.
- Premium health insurance.
- Intensive training program (external or internal training courses, workshop; Support attending conference; Scrum training, etc).
- Awards: Company awards, every 3 month MVP awards.
- Activities: Win Party, Year-end-party, team building, etc.

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