Maintenance and Engineering (ME) Manager [ KCN Amata - Đồng Nai ]

Ngày đăng: 10/06/2022
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Code Job Job code: JHC0028702

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  • Đồng Nai
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Mô tả công việc

1. Set and execute ME operation to meet Company’s business requirement
- Plan, develop, implement and operate systems suitable for business operations based on the concept of total optimization.
- Set and perform annual maintenance plans for systems to conduct business operation in a stable manner:
+ Maintenance Plan for Utility systems (Electricity, Boiler, AHU, chiller, LPG gas, compressor, vacuum, pure water, waste water treatment …)
+ Maintenance Plan for infrastructure.
+ Maintenance Plan for Lines of production.
+ Maintenance Plan for Mixing machine system .
+ Maintenance Plan for electric system .
- Manage Environment policy and standard operating procedures to ensure ISO 14001 implementation
- Set and perform annual maintenance plans for systems to conduct business operations in a stable manner.
- Manage  workshop  operation,  continuous  improvement  execution  and  applying  new  technology  project (Automation, IOT, AI).
2. Set and execute effective budget and investment plans based on business needs
- Determine whether investment is necessary for satisfying the needs of the Company or related Departments.
+ Control investment plan.
- Set and execute investment plans that can realize the maximum effect with the minimum investment if
- Budget control, order and delivery schedule control.
- Supplier control.
- Control and monitor assets adequately and effectively
+ Management of equipment verification.
+ Management of fixed assets, fixed assets inventory.
+ Management of waste storage and treatment .
- Control ME expense budget.
3. Ensure security and business continuity 
- Establish emergency measures for serious incidents including natural disasters for the purpose of speedy recovery of work environment to ensure business continuity.
- Management of Building management system (BMS) and Energy Management system (EMS).
- Manage sustainable development program (Non-negotiable targets).
4. Legal compliance 
Work in conjunction with relevant authorities and departments to carry out legal compliance (Fire-fighting department, Construction department, Natural resources and Environment department, …)
5. People management 
- Nurture members to strive for and to realize continuous improvement. 
- Provide appropriate OJT/Off-JT trainings to members and develop them by assigning them to appropriate jobs based on their capabilities and experience through job performance.

Yêu cầu công việc

1. Education background
University or higher Degree in related field
2. Skills
- Good knowledge of electrical equipment, automation, utility, machinery, facility and ISO 14001 management system.
- Have a good leadership, people management and time management skills.
- Ability in English/Japanese business communication.
3. Experience
- 10 year working experience and at least 2 year experience in the same position is required.


* Benefit:

- Annual Bonus.
- Annual Pay Raize.
- Annual Company trip.

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