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IT Project Manager

Nơi làm việc: Jakarta, Indonesia

Mô Tả Công Việc

  • Determine customers' keypains and requirements,
  • Work together with sales team to prepare proposals of information systems solution that address these needs
  • Deliver presentation of proposals with demonstrations to clients
  • Maintain communication with client’s user, third party (vendors / partners) and related project stakeholders.
  • Create a design phase, create testing scenarios, assist user during UAT execution.
  • Liaising extensively with external and internal clients
  • During system development phase

  • Design information systems by determining customer’s requirement and collaborating with IT specialist inside and outside of the company (partners)
  • Prepare system design documents with which programmers are able to execute coding without any discrepancies. Validate testing result to ensure all requirements are delivered.
  • Handle daily operations of the project team, establishing priorities, analyzing workflows, developing standards and setting deadlines.
  • Complete the system development process, satisfying quality, productivity and deadline of the project.
  • Ensure the project deliverables are within the budget.

  • Yêu Cầu Công Việc

  • Managing at least 2 System Development Projects over IDR (excluding software and hardware) by him/herself with successfully (Complete the system development process, satisfying quality, productivity and deadline of the project). (E)
  • Working as IT Project Manager at least 5 years. (E)
  • Working as IT System Analyst or Analyst Programmer at least 4 years (E)
  • Having experience with Japanese company/client. (D)
  • Developing software for manufacturing, distribution and/or logistics companies. (D)
  • Involved in at least 1 full cycle of software implementation project for manufacturing industry (D)
  • Understanding software development lifecycle. (E)
  • Software Development (any language) (D)
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