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Bridge System Engineer (BSE)

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Nơi làm việc: HCM

Mô Tả Công Việc

Job description
1. Transfer System Requiremnets written in Japanese to Vietnamese developers.
2. Transfer the questions and requirements from Vietnamese developers to Japanese staffs
3. Manage the project while closely communicating with Japanese team in Japan
4. Join the Skype Meeting, Chat Meeting and the real meeting spoken in Japanese.
5. Assistant to Project Manager and other Bridge SE in processing project.

Required skills / experience
1. Graduated from College/ University (the Natural university, the University of Technology,…)
2. Good Japanese spoken and written (2 kyu level).
3. MS office application using is a must.
4. Experienced in software development and IT field is a must.
5. At least 1 years experience in development/project management thinking and system design
6. Experience and Knowledge about LAMP (Lunux, Ajax, MySQL and PHP) is highly appreciated.
7. Project Management Skill and Communication skill is a must.
8. Used to be a Project Manager, Project Leader, Programmer or Web Developer
9. Fluent in English is a plus.
10. Proactive and high sense of responsibility, ambitious, willing to learn, hardworking.

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Nghề nghiệp: Bridge System Engineer (BSE)
Quốc gia: Vietnamese

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