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Địa chỉ: Quận Tây Hồ, Hà Nội.

Lĩnh vực hoạt động: Dịch vụ doanh nghiệp

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Marcom Mate is an agency specializing in building and developing inclusive and creative media advertising campaign. Professionalism and creativity are the two factors that make the difference of Marcom Mate.

Marcom Mate gathered a team of young creative staff with strengths in various areas and high team spirit, who smoothly coordinate to detail comprehensive communication strategies, refined from different angles.

Marcom Mate team's leader are entrepreneurs, investors, managers having reputation in the field of communication, finance and business. These names guarantee the incisiveness of all the media campaign that Marcom Mate implements.

Vị trí đang tuyển dụng

Graphic Designer

Hà Nội

UI – UX Designer

Hà Nội

Account Executive

Hà Nội
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