Address: Xã Vĩnh Tân, Thị xã Tân Uyên, Bình Dương.

Lĩnh vực hoạt động: Sản xuất (Vật liệu / Hóa chất / Thực phẩm / Khác)

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  • Guhring Vietnam was established in 2008 as one of 49 subsidiaries of Guhring Group. Guhring Vietnam provides a wide range of standard tool with capability to produce special tools as well. With Guhring’s carbide material and our machine and equipment, Guhring Vietnam commits to deliver the tool and service with the same quality as standard of Guhring group. Our in-house regrinding/coating service is widely used not only for tool from Guhring but also from its competitor as well as for wear parts and other item beyond cutting tools.
  • Business category: supplying precision cutting tools and regrinding/coating service.

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Sales Engineer
Hồ Chí Minh
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